Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Eco Wrapping

Last week was my birthday and I was lucky enough to receive lots of presents. Now I have tons of wrapping paper and cards and I was trying to think of ways I could put them to good use. It seems like such a waste to spend loads of money on wrapping paper and gift bags for them to just end up in the recycling. If they are recycled at all that is!
Of course the exciting part about unwrapping a present is ripping the paper apart and throwing it across the room but what difference would it make is we simply tried to keep the paper? This paper could then be reused for someone else to enjoy and save you some money too.
In fact, if you are a ripper like me, instead of buying wrapping paper in the first place you could come up with innovative ideas from around the home to reduce your waste. Wrapping gifts in old newspapers and magazines is an inexpensive and individual way of wrapping your present. You could always try and find funny stories to amuse your friends too. I have also heard of wrapping in Chinese or Arabic newspaper which can have a really nice effect given they look more like shapes than words. Also if a friend is perhaps learning a language wrapping a present in that countries newspaper can be really individual!
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Using brown paper packing is another idea you could use teamed up with a nice piece of ribbon can make a present look really special and a technique my boyfriend has been using for years.
Now I am not proposing everyone will like this idea and may think its looks a bit lazy like you haven’t really made an effort so maybe you need to target your audience appropriately. All I know is, if I received something like this I would love it and I know a couple of my friends who would feel the same! And on the plus side you will be reducing how much dye and ink you are using as well as the amount of paper.

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