Saturday, 12 February 2011

Green Love?

Tree Hugger published an article earlier this week considering whether love can make you greener. I have recently found myself in a long distance relationship and I hate the fact that most weekends I get in my petrol car and embark on a journey to the other side of the country. I try to lead a green life but at this present moment I can’t change the long distance state of my relationship.

Tree Hugger argue that the impact of a long distance relationship can multiple ones carbon footprint in a very short time. also report that dating someone who lives far away is bad for the environment. But thankfully does go on to say that long distance relationships are a reality of the modern world. At least I know I’m not alone!

Now I’m always up for a solution to reducing my impact on the planet and both Tree Hugger and suggest the following options for people in a similar situation to myself:
  • Avoid using the plane;
  • Use sustainable travel methods;
  • Plan longer visits; and
  • Change careers to shorten the distance between you.
Not all of these are practical but are a useful starting point. Check out the links below to read the full articles.

So an idea…can you do Valentines Day when your in a long distance relationship and still be environmentally friendly?

This Valentines Day, G BY GUESS have designed Valentines E cards for you to send to your loved ones. Not only is this the environmentally friendly way to tell someone you love them, but for every card sent, G BY GUESS will donate $5 toward Love is Louder, benefiting the Jed Foundation and its programs helping young people cope with emotional distress. So it’s a win – win situation really!

Their designs are fantastic too. Check out the one below which also carriers and environmental message…

So you have sorted the environmental card, now what about a gift...

Searching through the Internet I came across a range of virtual valentines gifts and found these on the National Trusts website:

 These gifts show your caring side too with 100% of the proceeds going to the special places or wildlife chosen.

These gifts are brilliant! All I need to do now is subtly drop a hint….

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