Thursday, 13 January 2011

Queensland Floods

With the devastating effects of the Queensland floods worsening each day I thought I would try and raise awareness of this disaster.

Whilst Britain had one of the coldest winters on record in 2010, according to the Daily Telegraph, Australia was experiencing its wettest spring on record between the months of September and November. By the 20th December the area had been hit by three consecutive periods of heavy rainfalls, followed by a further 6 days of constant rainfall which resulted in significant flooding over a vast area and ultimately led to mass evacuations.

Courtesy of the BBC

According to the BBC there are approximately 30 towns affected by the floods in the eastern Australian state of Queensland. And on top of all this, communities now face the unique danger and risks associated with snakes moving through flooded homes and spiders moving beyond their usual habitats away from the rising waters.

Some much needed relief comes as the Daily Telegraph report that the military have been handing out supplies to the town where hundreds of homes are now under water.

This disaster has now been described as the worst flood in Australia’s history.
The following link taken from the ABC News website indicates the true devastation the last few weeks of flooding have caused in Brisbane. Aerial photography has been used to produce a before and after view of the town to emphasise the scale of devastation.
Please take a look at the link this will help you truly understand the severity of these floods and what these people are no living with. 

The Queensland Government has launched an appeal to help the communities affected by the floods. If you would like to contribute to the appeal visit

The long term effects of flooding are terrible as we already know here in the UK and therefore I ask you to join me in supporting the families involved. Even by just raising awareness to what these people are going through goes a long way in supporting the communities affected.

These people need our help and now face the task of rebuilding their communities!

Courtesy of AEP/Getty/Metro

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