Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Valentines Day!

A day for love and romance, but is it always about this? Do we get lost in the moment and forget what impact this is actually having on our environment? The shops are full of gifts, cards, balloons, flowers, champagne and chocolates all of which usually last about a week before they are just thrown in the bin. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a woman and I love these kinds of things but surely there is a better way?
Last year I did an article which had some sustainable gift ideas, so this year I though I would follow with a similar theme.  There are so many websites out there offering sustainable and eco friendly gifts ideas that I just had to share them with you all.
The first of my finds was at Green and Present which have a wide range of recycled, reused and reclaimed gifts. These cufflinks are made from antique coastal maps and such a unique gift idea. They are quirky enough to still be fashionable whilst at the same time have an environmental touch.
Refound Objects Cufflinks 
The second of my finds were these lovely reclaimed fabric off cuts hearts.
String of Hearts
Nigel’s Eco Store sell products which mean you can choose to live in a more sustainable way and make a positive contribution to a better and brighter future. On the look for some gifts I found the following, an Antique Style Tea Light which is made from recycled glass and from a fair-trade co-operative in India and secondly an Eco iPad Sleeve which is made from FSC-certified fabric-backed cork which is completely biodegradable and recyclable. If I had an iPad I would definitely want one of these!
Antique Style Silvered Tea Light Holder
£5.99 + VAT

Eco iPad Sleeve
£18.37 + VAT
Another website I just love is Love Eco. Their website simply says it’s a place where people can shop for products that reduce the impact we make on the world. Whilst searching the website for unusual but eco friendly presents I can across a couple of gifts which I thought were perfect for this time of year. Ok so you like to receive flowers and balloons but didn’t realise until now what impact they may be having on the environment, ok well here you go take a look at these unique ideas:
 Fair-Trade Felt Flowers 

£3.00 each

Biodegradable Red Heart Balloons
£4.50 per pack
Alternatively you could ask for gifts that don’t involve buying anything. For example, time together, a back rub, donation to charity, music or movie downloads or even offering to teach something you know how to do. How romantic is this and what’s more it won’t cost the earth!
And at the end of the day if you do want all the impulse gifts that you might not want for more than a week just remember to dispose of them correctly. All those teddy bears could be sent to local children homes and make a real difference in someone else’s lives. If you do want flowers just make sure you tell your loved one you want fair-trade ones and if you do want champagne be sure to look around for local made bubbly!
Happy Valentines Day!

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